Welcome from Kate, Toby and Rich. This site has been put together to help us communicate our journey and story with our family and friends. We hope that you enjoy it.

We bought Windswept, a Whitby 42 cutter rigged ketch, in July of 2007 and we've been sailing and making updates/repairs to it since. We have to thank David and Deanna Hoops, the previous owners, for leaving us with a well equipted cruising boat. They were also nice enough to allow us to put up their collection of waypoints for various destinations.

Our story is that we had a small computer software buisiness specializing in geographic information systems (GIS) that we sold in 2006 after running it for 9 years. Additionally, we sold a few houses in downtown Charleston and here we are and not really looking forward to going back to work any time soon.

If you wish to come visit us please send us a short e-mail and check out where we are going, then we can schedule a pickup time and place. You'll have to send your e-mail to our SailMail account so we can be sure to get it.

Check out our photos. We've just placed a bunch up and are working on the descriptions. Click on the News/Photos Link to the left.

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