For the areas of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, we have found that the guidebooks available are very outdated. Not surprising, one bad hurricane season and things get rearranged. Because of this, cruisers throughout the area are constantly sharing waypoints. This is our collection, broken into three different pages according to country. These waypoints have been used by us unless otherwise noted with a boatname in the note column. All positions are given in degrees, minutes and decimal minutes. For the waypoints used by us, we have a 5.8 foot draft, there is no depth data for the other waypoints except for "enough". Standard disclaimers apply, use this data at your own risk.

I will be adding data as we visit different places in the coming cruising season. If there is an area that I should add or you would like to see your data added to this page, email me at I will review your submission and post it on these pages.

Please send any waypoints that you think could be useful for any area and we'll try to get them up. If you want to just post them directly, you can, I just need to set you up and then you can just e-mail them to a particular e-mail address. Additionally, I've added mapping functionality to this site where the waypoint can be displayed.